Baldwin Christian Reformed Church

June 27, 2010

LORD’S DAY 26 – SUNDAY, June 27, 2010
Anson Veenstra, Pastor


9:30 a.m.  – Most preachers are elated when people respond to their message.  But Jonah isn’t like most preachers, and the people he addresses are not like any he’s ever preached to.  They are not, and will never be friends of Israel.  We will see today that his anger is hard to reconcile with the mercy of God.  Our focus this morning is on Jonah, chapter four.

We will also take a few moments this morning to commission the young people for their service trip to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Our offerings will be received for the General Fund, to keep our church operating and pay for a wide range of denominational ministries.


Next Sunday, Pastor Anson will be with the Young People and the SERVE Project in Thunder Bay, Ontario.    Jerry Van Someren will be leading our worship.

The offerings will be received for the Building and Maintenance Fund of our church.

SERVING:                  TODAY                                     NEXT WEEK

Greeters                        Marjorie & Myra                Rich & Carol

Nursery Attendants        Amy C. & Michigan T.                  Bobbi Jo J. and Abby G.

Praise Team                    Pastor, Moses, Jenifer, Morgan          Brad, Dave, Linda, Sue

Sound Tech                    Brad & Karen                                     Greg & Dave L.

Accompanist                   Jodi                                                   Rachel

Serving                            Jenifer & Randy

If you have an emergency need for pastoral care, please call Pastor Anson at the church office (684-2928) or at his home (684-2195), or one of the  elders,  John Stadt (684-2110), Duane Van Someren (684-4609),  Brad Wevers (684-3843) or Church Secretary Bonnie Van Someren (684-2491).

Our Church Family Prayer Board

-Pray for those who have chronic conditions that limit their freedom to come and go.  And also pray for their primary care-givers and families.
-The Silent Messengers will be performing “Celebrating a Savior” in Hudson this week.  Pray that the good news may be communicated and hearts would be opened.
-We have 16 young people and leaders signed up for SERVE this summer.  Pray for them as they prepare to serve in Thunder Bay on July 3-11.  Pray also for the community and people that they will serve.
-Thank God for those who have faithfully served this church on various committees and pray that as they step down, God would raise others who would step in and help us fulfill our mandate to be a salt and light to our neighbors.
-Pray for the ‘Technology team’ (Dave Ashton, Sue Hanson, Bonnie Van Someren and Jillian Van Someren) as they implement plans to launch our church website.  Pray that God would be glorified through this vehicle of our culture and that our reach into the community may be expanded.
-As the Synod has concluded – pray that God’s Kingdom would be expanded through the united efforts of our denomination.
-From Back to God Ministries International: Praise God that the Cada Dia (Today) devotional booklet is making a significant impact on families and university students in Cuba.  Kendy wrote: “Cada Dia is becoming more widespread throughout the whole country. We use it in our congregations, cell groups, and family devotions.” Pray that God will continue to draw these students closer to Himself through these devotional booklets.”
-From CRWRC: Praise the Lord for successful business generation in Kasamwa, Tanzania.  At a seminar in the village church a year ago, a group of 12 widows received training in home-based health care, entrepreneurship, and how to start a group to support one another.  Many of the widows have become quite successful in their businesses and are able to support themselves by selling eggs and meat from their chickens. Praise the Lord for these life-changing opportunities.  Pray for a positive impact on future generations through this training.
-From Disability Concerns: The unemployment rate is much worse for people with disabilities than for nondisabled people.  For example, around 50 percent of people who have visual impairments are unemployed.  Pray that employers will look at people’s qualifications, rather than prejudging people as they make hiring decisions.
-From World Missions: This week several CRWM missionaries are participating in a Timothy Leadership Training course in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Pray for safe travels and a good time of learning and fellowship together.  Pray that the missionaries and other participants may clearly understand what’s shared and be inspired about ways to apply the training in their ministry contexts.

Thank you for your prayers for the church as together we engage in global missions. You can listen to the Prayer Line by calling 1-888-CRC-PRAY (1-888-272-7729). Or you can view this message -

Elder and Deacon Installation on July 11th:
With thanksgiving to God, we have filled our elder and deacon nominations.  Our newly appointed elders are Ron Siegersma (3 year term) and Brad Wevers (1 year extension).  Our newly appointed deacons are Dave Ashton and Russ Roloff.  We thank God for those council members who have completed their terms of service, Mick Bradish and Joe Clendenen.  We praise God as we remember the service of Jerry Johnson who went to be with the Lord last fall.  The Lord willing, we will install our new council members on July 11th.

Youth Game Night:  Hey High Schoolers – we are planning to invade and take over Mark’s (The Helgeson’s) property and house (1985 Cty. Rd J)  for a few hours this week Wednesday, June 30, starting at about 7:00 p.m.  We will hang out, play games (outdoor or indoor depending on weather), do general housecleaning, eat and maybe see a movie.  So bring some hotdogs to grill, snacks (healthy and otherwise) to eat and friends to help enjoy this evening together.

Library news:   We have two new DVDs donated to the Library for you to enjoy.  “Bella is a powerful and moving, utterly unique story that will lift your spirits and capture your heart!” “The Last Sin Eater”  – A little girl’s quest for redemption uncovers a dark secret…and the truth shall set her free.

From the Deacons:
May Collection Receipts
General Fund – Envelopes      $12,650.00    Baldwin Christian School       $184.00
General Fund – Misc.                       477.01     GEMS – local                          $163.50
General Fund – Paint                   5,750.52     GEMS – denomination           $163.50

1.         Faith Ann DeBoer
6.         Sean Van Someren
11.       Reuben Doornink
17.       Caleb Van Roekel
18.       Nevaeh DeBoer
21.       David Weiske
22.       Marie Bosman     1924
Jim Phillips
David Ashton
24.       Ashley Van Someren
25.       Jane Van Someren   1923
Holly Haan
28.       Carol Rens
Chad Van Someren
30.       Gabrielle Liston
31.       June Geurkink    1926


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